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List Property on MLS System, $178/3 Months or $295/12 Months:

(Price includes yard sign, $30 credit if not included)

1. Preparation (property data review, comparables, photos, and list on MLS)
   (Our property data review consists of ensuring that data you have prepared for your listing matches property data records and providing you blank MLS listing form so you can add as much property information as you want. We will provde comparables consisting of neighborhood active and six month sold property listing data to assist you with setting asking price. Order is processed online and by email. Listing agreement is required. You may take property photos yourself or use a professional photographer at your expense. As many as 30 photos may be included.)
2. Listing Support
    (Listing will show For Sale by Owner, your contact information and your commission to buyer's agent. You will be contacted by buyers’ agents for showings, offers and questions. Buyers not represented by agents will also contact you with their inquiries.)

Your listing will be added to the MLS system. During the listing period your listing will be active at the MLS main website and also at all websites that display MLS listings. It will appear on agents' and consumers' property searches. The listing period is 3 months or 12 months. (MLS refers to California Regional Multiple Listing Service, our coverage).

Listing fee may be paid at the time of listing. You will be billed when property is listed.

Revisions: You may revise your list price, property description or showing status at any time.

Inquiries, Showings, Offer negotiation, Escrow/transaction coordination: You are managing your selling project and our service here is not included. A listing agreement is required (C.A.R. form) and it will show our service level is "MLS Entry Only", no broker representation, you will pay commission to buyer's agent only, and standard MLS rules and regulations. Other than above listing fee there is no listing agent commission. (C.A.R. refers to California Association of REALTORS®).

Listing Status Update: The MLS System is particular about display of the correct listing status. Agents rely on the displayed status to conduct their daily business. Therefore, we must periodically confirm the listing status by email.

Additional three month listings for same property are only $49.00 each.

How to order: Use Self-serve Dashboard (recommended). You may also order using Order Form, simply print, fill in, and email, phone, fax or mail. Your property wil be listed on the MLS immediately.

If you have any questions please refer to Questions & Answers or contact us.

We wish you success in selling your property.

Shailendra Parikh, GRI
Phone: 714-273-7030
Email: realestate@scparikh.com
DRE #01758834
List property on
MLS for 12 months
(includes yard sign)
Only $295.00.
12mo price
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